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Playing on the Street

Posted by Arthur on February 19, 2017

When I first set out to be a saxophonist Manchester, I was not sure what would be required of me and how I would earn an income. I didn’t have a band to play with and I didn’t have a following of fans. I simply knew that I wanted to play music in order to earn an income and I set out to do that. My career started out with me working on the streets. I would play on the street with a can set up for those who wanted to help support me. I would play until I was tired and then I would play a little more. I put all of the energy I had into what I was doing, and it ended up paying off well for me. I ended up with a job that I love because someone happened to notice me playing and they hired me.

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Found the Right One When I was looking to purchase flowers for my mother, I searched and I searched

Posted by Arthur on September 22, 2016

When I was looking to purchase flowers for my mother, I searched and I searched to find someone who would help me get just what I needed. I wanted to give my mom a bouquet that would touch her heart and show her how much she means to me. I wanted to surprise my mom with a gift that would mean something to her, a bouquet that she would cherish. The florist Harrogate that I chose helped me pick out the flowers that were right for my mom. I found the right bouquet, and I was very happy once I knew that I had picked the right one. My mom was very happy with the gift that I gave her, and the way that the bouquet looked in her home was just perfect. I am so happy with the way that things turned out.

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The importance of our resources

Posted by Arthur on September 11, 2016

The growing concerns of drinkable water elevated at an alarming rate. The filtration for the water systems have declined in the safe consumption for people. Water filtration media plays a huge factor in letting the population know what chemicals are being used to filtrate their drinking water and the safety with it. If the water filtration companies are using certain chemicals that have been linked to certain types of cancer or other devastating illnesses, it is the medias job to inform the public as well as let them know of a safe alternative for the future.

The media plays a major role in our life for education. It is our right as a human race to know exactly what is being used in our water filtration systems to make the water drinkable. If the chemicals are causing more harm than good, it is our right to demand a difference.

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Rain Dances Work

Posted by Arthur on August 31, 2016

It was a sweltering day in Texas. The thermometer read 103 degrees. There hadn’t been rain in months. A few local companies got together, and planned a rain dance festival to try to get the local townspeople together. So many people had their air conditioning Manchester going that the town had a power outage, and the people of the town were hot and angry. The companies were hoping a rain dance festival might calm them down. The ice cream parlor volunteered to give out free ice cream because it was going to melt with no power anyways. Word spread quickly, and soon people gathered and the rain dance began. It was only supposed to be a distraction, to calm the tempers of the town, but an amazing unexpected thing happened though. It began pouring rain. The crowd cheered and danced even more. Maybe, rain dances really do work?

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A Blake Slate

Posted by Arthur on July 4, 2016

There once was a small town in the middle of nowhere that had a little school. Every day children came to this school to learn, to grow, and to laugh with their friends. This school was small indeed, but it was filled with children and teachers that shared a close bond. Behind the white walls, they would discover, chatter, and learn.

One day, the teachers arrived at school just as the sun was creeping over the hills. To their horror, the white walls of the school had been vandalized with graffiti. All around the tiny school walls were words of disgust, hatred, and malice. They stained the beauty of what grew from within, and the teachers almost fell to their knees with sadness.

But one teacher would not stand for what had been done to their beloved school. He called his friends with a plan, and the workers appeared quickly with their tools. As knights to a fight, they took their recycled glass media and blasted the walls of the school. After a short while, the words began to fade, and the colors disappeared. The workers shut off their equipment and stepped back to admire their work. Their canvas stood before them clear of any harm. They had created a blank slate, and it was going to be filled with anything they wanted.

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Even Better Than Chocolate

Posted by Arthur on June 26, 2016

I was told that Manchester thai massage could make you feel like a million bucks, so I thought I would try it today. At first the bass of the music pounded in my soul, but after a few minutes, it became part of the background, and proved to be relaxing.

Next, the massage, as the therapist started at my feet, I thought, this won’t be too bad, it actually feels pretty good. Then she moved up my legs, she folded my legs and pushed my feet to my shoulder. How did she do that? I didn’t even know I could move that way!

She kneaded and squeezed her way through my muscles, to my torso. After a few minutes, she began twisting my torso. This is amazing, as I relax and I feel the tension leave my body, I decide to make another appointment. This is even better than chocolate!!!

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